What does it mean to ‘Dream Big for Learning?’

May 21, 2015
We asked Nanci Bell: “What does it mean to ‘Dream Big for Learning?'”

In 1986, Pat Lindamood and I established the first Lindamood-Bell Learning Center. Our vision was to help each child reach his or her potential, no matter the age, no matter the previous diagnosis, nor the extent of the struggle with learning to read and comprehend. We dreamed big.

Pat and I also dreamed of conducting behavioral and neurological research. To that end, over the years we have partnered with prestigious institutions, to allow for, and welcome, independent analysis of Lindamood-Bell instruction. We have been honored to have our instruction reviewed and analyzed by researchers at institutions including MIT, Wake Forest University and Georgetown University.

We believe passionately that the imagery-language connection is necessary for language and literacy skills and as such our instruction brings that connection to consciousness for reading and comprehension.

After 30 years, we have fulfilled our vision and changed the lives of thousands of children and adults. And, we have made a difference in the field of education by illuminating the sensory-cognitive processes that underlie oral and written language and literacy skills.

I encourage you to watch a recording of our webinar from March 20. I’ve titled my presentation, “Dream Big for Learning: Connecting Imagery to Language.” It’s important for parents especially to learn first-hand about what comprises quality instruction. More than just a “strategy,” our research-validated programs are dependent on our quality implementation.

I look forward to sharing this information with you. Let’s Dream Big together!

~ Nanci

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