MIT Study Shows Benefit of Seeing Stars® Instruction

September 13, 2017
MIT Study Shows Benefit of Seeing Stars® Instruction

A recent study conducted at MIT shows the benefits of Seeing Stars instruction.

A recent study by the McGovern Institute for Brain Research and Cognitive Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) utilized the Seeing Stars® program to test the efficacy of reading intervention with young children who have reading disabilities and difficulties.

Brain regions grew significantly thicker in children whose reading scores improved after Seeing Stars instruction. In addition, children from lower-socioeconomic status (SES) families were more likely to benefit from instruction than children from higher-SES families, and children with more severe reading disabilities exhibited the most improvement in reading scores.

“If you just left these children alone on the developmental path they’re on, they would have terrible troubles reading in school. We’re taking them on a detour that seems to go with real gains in reading ability.”

– John Gabrieli, a professor of brain and cognitive sciences at MIT and the study’s lead author.

Click here to read more about this study.

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